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Cutting-edge water treatment/water-enhancement devices

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PARK ROAD SILVER offers low voltage cutting-edge water treatment/water-enhancement devices for use in the field of plant-growth applications and disinfection procedures.

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You can generate 1-3 quarts of colloidal silver per batch.

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Generates faster than other colloidal silver generators available.

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You will have access to answers about every aspect of generating your own colloidal silver, from tips on making it to the many ways to use it around the house and for plants.

“I have used colloidal silver made with this generator for spraying plants and found plants grow faster than those not treated, and have saved plants that were affected by mold and mildew.”

1 Quart CS Generator

Our 1 quart colloidal silver generator can produce up to 1-3 quarts per batch. Colloidal silver is an acknowledged plant growth stimulator, and also has anti-septic characteristics that can benefit plants and be used for cleansing around the house.

$104 USD + Shipping

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If an order is cancelled before it is shipped, the payment will be refunded. If a cancellation request is submitted after the shipment has gone out, the customer may cancel and return the unopened, unused shipment within 2 weeks of receiving it. The customer must pay for return shipping; the refund will be the product price only, not the original shipment cost.